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Our Story

Tim and Angela met in April 2015 in DC and quickly bonded over their love for stand-up comedy, live music, and travel. They have seldom been apart since the day they met. They have traveled some, adventured here and there, and celebrated in moderation. 

In 2019 they adopted a perceptive and inquisitive little dog named New Mexico Green Chile Pepper Baker Morrell, aka Chile for short. Also in 2019, Angela's parents moved from New Mexico to Maryland and Tim's brother Joe and sister-in-law Beth moved to Arlington, VA from their deployment abroad, bringing a close family geographically closer. 

In 2020 Tim and Angela ordered bulk toilet paper on their phones from the beach in Grand Cayman as the World changed before their eyes. Angela continued her work at Georgetown Hospital during the pandemic where she has been instrumental in improving patient care, a noteworthy point of which Tim is very, very, proud. It's been seven years of adventures with a lifetime to follow.

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